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Here is What was in our Organic Veg Boxes and Fruit Boxes This Week!

Veg Box Info WC 27th July 2020

I write this as I’m roasting various squash with onions, boiling up old carrots and potatoes for our two black labs, and making a mushroom stroganoff for dinner so I’m just going to focus on the star of the week, which surely has to be…

Harlequin Squash from Bedlam Farms Organic, Cambridgeshire

Who couldn’t help admire the mottled green and white beautiful shape of this week’s summery squash? This has only been around since the early nineties, originating in North America and it’s extremely popular in the States, featuring in lots of recipes that include sugar, spices and nuts. Very similar in flavour to butternut squash (and can be substituted for it in any recipes that call for that), some say it’s got a taste that’s a little like maple syrup, so you might like to try this if that sounds your kind of thing..

If that all sounds way too sweet and rich, I love the way that you can cut along the natural wedge shapes, like in the following recipe. Wherever you see either ‘harlequin’ (green and white) or ‘carnival’ (more orangey) squash referred to, you can use either. Confusing?! There’s eight ball, spaghetti and custard squash perhaps heading your way in future weeks too!

If you just want to celebrate it for its own sake, why not halve and roast it with a knob of butter in the cavity created by removing the seeds? Save them for roasting just like you would with pumpkin seeds, season the flesh and roast in the oven for 45 minutes until tender. There’s loads of recipes online for ideas with what you could stuff the halves with too.

Also in the box this week were purple carrots and Maris Peer potatoes from Norfolk, Spinach from the North York Moors, and Cos lettuce and celery from Lincolnshire.

Garlic and Chillies are available to add on for next week’s delivery!

For those of you who’ve tried them already this week, we hope you’re enjoying them! If you use a lot, they are available to order again for next week (don’t worry if you’ve already paid for your veg and/or fruit - we can take payment separately). 

If you haven’t tried them yet, and fancy adding some to your box, let us know!

Garlic (approx 4 bulbs) £1.50

Red chilli peppers (100g) £1.30

Green chilli peppers (100g) £1.30

Keep your pictures and recipes coming - it’s the highlight of our week!

Best wishes

Leonie and David